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SPARC32 Emulation Work

10 June 2016 - sparcdr

I have been busy cross-compiling Linux binaries for SPARC v7/v8 ISA with the objective of resurrecting Splack in the year 2016, but wholly from scratch. Testing will be done using QEmu as I cannot yet find or afford a working Sun4M machine capable of running the binaries natively, though I am open to such a donation if anyone is interested in sending me the kit.

As a result, I s/have/will s/published/publish my work with some sort of documenting the emulation of some sort of bastardized Slackware or essentially IRIX inspired Linux targeting a 32-bit SPARC processor originally released in 1995 despite upstream regression and code bloat as it is.

The ultimate goal is to release scripts for cross-compilation and self-hosting for s/other/older architectures as well, using LFS as a reference while attempting to mimic some of the common routines one would expect in a modern Linux distribution, aside from X11 given the constrained memory available on the actual hardware. PS: I own an AlphaStation XP1000 still and Linux still can't be emulated on the AXP architecture using any known method (AlphaVM, FreeAXP, ES40, PersonalAlpha), but cross-compile *should* work still, if there's any interest! Stay tuned for news on the downloads!

Website Back Up

10 June 2016 - sparcdr

It's been about 8 years since there was actually a website at BinaryShadow, but in the interest of keeping the community alive, here it is.